Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Where The Wild Things Are 3rd Birthday Party

Happy 3rd Birthday to our little wild thing, Ellie Belly!  This year we celebrated at The Little Gym & it was a lot of fun!  Ellie & her friends had fun with the parachute, inflatable jump pad & other typical Little Gym activities.  Where the Wild Things Are was the perfect theme for this year.  Most nights before bed, you can hear Jon & Ellie reading the book.  Ellie has most of the words memorized & she calls out "be still" & other quotable lines!  We had yummy Max crown cake pops, a delicious 'Nothing Bundt Cakes' & pizza.  The kiddos ran & laughed & played & exercised their best gym routines.  We had a great time watching all of the fun & celebrating with family & friends.  Our memories were captured by Jon's oldest childhood friend.  Thanks Kiran!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

State Fair 2012

On the last weekend of the Texas State Fair, we made it out to corn dog land! Fletcher's corn dogs of course! ;)

Big Tex was on FIRE when we got there! Poor thing burned to a crisp. Electrical malfunction. Sad day. Good thing there was plenty of food to console us!

We ate fried cheesecake, fried jambalaya, fried pb&j, corn dogs, popcorn...and I think that's it! Ellie had to have purple ice cream..but she settled for rainbow dots. Before all of the food, we visited the kid's petting zoo where Ellie got to feed a giraffe, camel, donkey, goat & cow. She was in heaven! They had plastic shovels tied to the cages & you just adde your feed & let them have it. I think she could have stayed there all day long. After that, some of the FAA show lambs were being shuffled around, so we took a peek. Jon took Ellie in where some of their cages were & I guess one "baaa'd" too close to her & she freaked out!!!!!! She was crying so hard! After all the drama she said "that sheep thought I was his mama!" Ummm LOL!

No rides this year but boy did Jon & his friend work hard to win Ellie a purple dolphin.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Faith comes by hearing & knowing the word of God. There is a lot going on now with me trying to take charge of this family's health. I have faith in God's healing for our allergies/asthma & overall well being. I know this because the Bible says he will heal all of our sickness. We will either be healed supernaturally, through something God provides for us or healed when we see His face. So in the meantime while I take heart & wait on The Lord....I pray for discernment. Discernment to know what to do for each one of us to better our health. I can't chase every good idea that comes my way. Each step much be made prayerfully. This is great great practice for doing this in every area of my life! I am often guilty of going through my day without consulting my Savior. I know that when I do this, I feel lost & silly. But the days when I'm on my game - I see God in everything & my decisions are so much easier.

Thank you Jesus for your provision in my life. You make it so much easier!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Essential Oils

My new obsession!

Background info - Ellie's lungs were damaged by a virus she had when she was 3 months old. She seems to always have allergies. Her allergies have been so bad to cause pneumonia (from all the drainage that led to infection). Then her allergies caused wheezing. This landed her on levoceterizine, nasonex & Flovent. Mama loves that she is pretty much symptom free but doesn't like the side effects of inhaled steroids. However that's the thing - symptom free. We've controlled the symptoms but done nothing to heal her. I keep praying for my eyes to be open to a breakthrough, God show me your way of healing...either heal her supernaturally or show me a God-given way.

Enter - Young Living Essential Oils

After reading a testimony from a friend who successfully treated strep with oils, I was intrigued. One informational class later & I was in!

I received my starter kit that came with 11 oils. I had already taken Ellie off of her Flovent (holy spirit led) & began using frankincense on her to decrease the inflammation that might be in her airway. She was/is still on her allergy meds. I'm using the oils to help with her seasonal (year round) allergies & will hopefully be able to take her off those meds too. My thoughts, if she's controlled with her allergies, she won't have inflammation & wheezing. All of this was the knowledge I had been praying for. An answered prayer!!!

I now find myself surrounded by people who love the Lord & love oils. YL is a company with Christian foundations. "Our modern world had only begun the discovery of the power of God's healing oils - something that the ancient world knew well. Their time was one without laboratories, manufacturing facilities, high technology & equipment or chemicals. The earth and it's healing gifts were the ancient worlds medicine. Modern medicine is certainly not without it's miracles. Millions of lives have been saved in crisis and malfunctions of the body. But the way to live with strength and vitality without pain and disease lies in what God has created, not why man has altered." I think this is very well stated. I'm a nurse. I see miracles every day with the use of modern medicine. But I still see the credibility of using the things that God has given us; His earth, His plants who can produce healing oils, His way. Bottom line - my approach is to pray. Lord, what would YOU have me do with this? It's day by day for sure. Ellie was on Flovent & then my gut said no more. The Holy Spirit said no more. And then an answer/alternative was provided. Thank you Jesus for your provision in Ellie's life!

To be continued...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Ellie!

You are 3!!! I can't believe it! You are getting so big & blossoming into your own little person :) You love dress up, Nick Jr, gum, lipgloss, broccoli, raspberries, baby dolls, tricycle rides, baths, nail polish, playing in sand, treats for #2, soap, cleaning, organizing, dollhouses, & crowns.

This morning jj brought you candles & donuts. Annnnnnd a Cinderella dress up dress! You & BFF Hayden got your nails painted at Girlie Girl & you had a pazookie for your bday cake!

We love you to pieces "sister sue."

jj - ill have to upload your pics from the computer ;)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It must be fall ;)

It's that time again! PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE!!!!! Why can't Starbucks just have this awesomeness all the time??? Jana & I heard that PSL was fast approaching, so we called to find out when! Some said September 4 but one said August 28. We held out hope! It was closer than we thought. On a hunch, we called on the 27th to double check. Fail! All of the North Texas locations decided to forego a soft launch & make us all suffer until the 4th. Boo! However there was hope! The nice Starbucks lady told me that a licensed dealer was selling them already! So this morning became the 5th Annual PSL BFF date! We all headed to our Tom Thumb Starbucks to partake in the awesomeness that is the PSL!

Recap - Jana & I had two solo years, then Ellie joined, then Ellie again (jj was about 9 mos pregnant), & this year it's the four of us! Me, Ellie, Jana & Kaylin. What special times as friends & moms! We truly count down the days until PSL but more importantly, I am so blessed to have a soul sister, a BFF to share life with...even if it is a $4 coffee!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Oh Pinterest, how you inspire me!  I have made more trips to Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree than I care to mention!  I was wondering if all that time I spend pinning is really worth do I actually follow through on some of the projects?!?!?!...see below....

{My very first Pinterest project - Elmo Pumpkin}

{Ellie's painting around painters tape}

{Painting with marbles}

{Hand print ornament} -- gave these as gifts to grandparents 

{Pinterest FAIL - wooden spoon on boiling pot}

 {Children's chores....just kidding, she did this on her own --- now as for those mold stains in the background, I did clean those by putting bleach soaked cotton balls on then for 24 hours....GONE}

 {Photo arrangement}

 {Pantry organization with shoe organizer}

{Bathing suit from}

{Garage sale tips -- sell donuts, price points etc}

{Photo inspiration} 

{Father's Day presents for Jon & my dad}

{Tshirt drawer organization}

{How to print on paper bags --- a work in progress}

{Book recommendation - Praying the Scriptures For Your Children}

{Princess bags -- dollar store bags & tulle}

{Dollar store comforter bags to store kids clothes}

{A million green smoothie recipes}

{Car organization - came in handy twice today!}

{In progress - bow organization with lace and an open frame}

{Number & Letter game on dollar store baking sheets}

{Tinkle treats/potty rewards}

{Stroller Diaper Cake for Wendy's baby shower}
And countless recipes, DIY coffee mugs with Sharpies, scripture memory book for Ellie, bathroom organization with tupperware, nail polish in an old eye shadow container, hand print crafts......

Next up.....glitter Starbucks cup, old rake to hold wine glasses, Ellie's 3rd bday party!!!

Thank you Pinterest for an awesome website & thanks to the original creators for your talent!!!!