Friday, January 27, 2012

Beauty & the Beast

Ellie has been to the movies before, so this wasn't her first time.......she was still excited, saying she would see Belle BIG! And in 3d. :)

We invited bestie Wendy & Hayden to come along. So off we went to see Beauty & the Beast in 3d!!!! Oh but first we stopped to get chicken nuggets & French fries. Yep, we snuck that in. ;)

The girls didn't keep their glasses on the whole but they still enjoyed it. For two year olds, they did awesome!!! Even in the "scary" parts where the dogs were barking & the beast was yelling!

I enjoyed seeing a childhood movie and the Tangled short story ;)

Here are some pics of the girls enjoying movie, popcorn, candy, nuggets, fries, a maybe a little Mr Pibb ;)

Monday, January 16, 2012

How today became "clean bath tub" day

It's almost Ellie's nap time and I'm thinking, "we can hurry up and get my bathroom chores done before I lay her down." She loves chores, especially wiping out the sinks and counter tops. However today, she got distracted by a brush scrubber and sponge by the bath tub. She was playing with them and kept telling me she was cleaning. Sure, fine, as long as you're happy and not eating the sponge, it's cool. So I do the bathroom chores by myself.

I move on to making the bed & tidying up my room. She's too quiet, I think, but I keep putting the pillows on the bed.

I walk into the bathroom to find this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my! Ellie says, "I'm cleaning momma"

All I could do was praise her for helping me clean, hold back the laughter, and help her finish cleaning the bath tub!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Catch all post.....

The Duranimals are busy, or so it seems. It's all relative I suppose. I'm working three days a week, which is pretty awesome. I get to be home with Ellie 4 days a week! We have an awesome friend who keeps Ellie when I'm working during the week. We are so blessed by her! She loves Ellie like her own & Ellie thrives on the interaction with her friends, Brooklyn & Brenley. She comes home saying the funniest, smartest things! ....including requesting Justin Bieber dance-alongs to "baby baby". She thinks the song is about literal babies, not ooo-la-la like ;) she grabs a doll & bounces away. Good times!

Jon is working for Chesapeake energy & loves that! Thank goodness some people like to do research, review documents, and post to excel spreadsheets all day! I admire his love for his job.

As I said, Ellie likes babies. Posted is a picture of her with a load of babies in her stroller. She even had them underneath! Her face couldn't contain the excitement she had; so proud to have piled up so many ;) At 28 months old - her latest happenings are potty training, waiting on 2 year molars, talking non-stop, and taking care of babies (of course). She loves to watch Cinderella & Where the Wild Things Are; still loves Olivia; enjoys all things "princess" & can cook up a storm in her play kitchen. She makes me laugh all the time and I am so grateful for our days together.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Blogging via iPhone

Well isn't this going to be much easier!!!!!! I downloaded the blogger here I am! On a mission to blog a few times a week! Today Ellie & I have been hanging out at the house, minus a trip to Kroger :) She read to her babies, pushed them around in her stroller & then took a long ole nap herself! It's been a good day!!!!