Tuesday, October 30, 2012

State Fair 2012

On the last weekend of the Texas State Fair, we made it out to corn dog land! Fletcher's corn dogs of course! ;)

Big Tex was on FIRE when we got there! Poor thing burned to a crisp. Electrical malfunction. Sad day. Good thing there was plenty of food to console us!

We ate fried cheesecake, fried jambalaya, fried pb&j, corn dogs, popcorn...and I think that's it! Ellie had to have purple ice cream..but she settled for rainbow dots. Before all of the food, we visited the kid's petting zoo where Ellie got to feed a giraffe, camel, donkey, goat & cow. She was in heaven! They had plastic shovels tied to the cages & you just adde your feed & let them have it. I think she could have stayed there all day long. After that, some of the FAA show lambs were being shuffled around, so we took a peek. Jon took Ellie in where some of their cages were & I guess one "baaa'd" too close to her & she freaked out!!!!!! She was crying so hard! After all the drama she said "that sheep thought I was his mama!" Ummm LOL!

No rides this year but boy did Jon & his friend work hard to win Ellie a purple dolphin.

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