Thursday, March 11, 2010

Since the last time I wrote....

......Ellie has mastered the back-to-front roll over and we have ventured into homemade organic baby food.

I'll start from the beginning. Ellie learned the back-to-front roll over one day while she was home with daddy and I was at work. **tear** I missed it. I kept waiting and waiting for her to do it for me. Dang it, it took about a week and a half for me to witness it with my own eyes!! Now she is a rolling machine, moving all over the place. It was even waking her up in the middle of the night. I guess she would roll over on her tummy and then not really know how to get back, even though she mastered the front-to-back roll first. Whatever it was, it was waking her up and sometimes she'd go back to sleep and sometimes not. I'd have to go up there and flip her back over and she'd be fine. During the time I was waiting to see her roll over with my own eyes, I walked into her room to find this --

Now Ellie is a rolling machine! Ok next topic. Even back to when I was pregnant with Ellie, I knew that I wanted to make her food. And I knew that I wanted it to be organic. My friend, Wendy was given the Beaba BabyCook Baby Food Maker. I had heard of this food processor, or sorts and decided to get one for myself too. They retail for $150 but I got mine on Ebay. It came with the food processor, cook book, and 2 food storage containers. Together, those retail for $210 but I got it all for $120. I was so shocked and thankful to God for providing me with this deal! Sweet potatoes are what I tried out first. I had to make one potato at a time, but all in all it took about 10-15 minutes each. All you do is, peel it, cut it, steam it, mash it, and viola! I dished the potato out into the storage things to freeze them. The storage container is silicone, so once frozen, I popped them out and transferred them to a storage Ziploc. I have yet to use the BabyCook again, but Ellie is still learning to eat, so we haven't used that many servings. Pics below are of the process. Ellie helped by riding in the baby bjorn while I drank and glass of wine and made pureed sweet potatoes. What an evening!

So far, Ellie has eated Oatmeal (not homemade but still organic), Sweet Potatoes, and Peas. She loved them all once she warmed up to the idea of eating solids. So far, no weird reactions to foods. At first, I thought they were upsetting her tummy because she was gassy and I had to sleep with her one night (she seemed to be in so much pain and the only way I could get her to fall asleep was with me). Who knows if it was the solids or not?!?!? Want to see some pics of her enjoying solids? She is so cute!