Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving and such......

I guess this counts as Ellie's first official Thanksgiving (turkey and all) since last year she wasn't eating soilds. We celebrated at our mom, dad, brother, grandma, and aunt came up for a couple days to EAT and SHOP. This year, our turkey was prepared by Chef Pointe. If you've never heard of it, it's 5 star food in a gas station. Yep, thats right.....a restaurant in a Conoco, or a Texaco...I can't remember....some red colored gas station nonetheless. We frequent this place for yummy breakfast.....a lot! I picked up the turkey on Wednesday night and re-heated it on Thursday. It was delicious!! Ellie enjoyed......

So what's Ellie been up to lately......

Her newest words are (hope these arent repeats) socks and shoes. I love it when she says socks because it sounds like sauce! So cute. She has the sweetest little voice. She still thinks all animals are dogs, unless you have a beak, then you are a duck. He he. She is still all over the place....touching the Christmas tree ornaments, getting into the tupperware drawer, chasing the dogs, playing with my perfume bottles, getting into the bathroom drawers, and mich more! She has a sweet spirit but gets so upset that she cant communicate with us. Her frustrations turn into whines but I am tolerant of it (for the most part) since I know it wont last forever. She loves to help unload the washing machine and dryer. She loves to close when we are done loading the dishwasher, she closes the door....when we are done in the pantry, she closes the door.....when we let the dogs outside, she closes the back door. Such a sweet helper. She knows how to "high-five" and dance along to music. Unless of course, its Christmas music, she turns the CD player off. She claps a lot and chews on her Your Baby Can Read flashcards. She has her own playroom now (we kicked daddy out and he is in the garage now). She has so much fun running from her playroom to her room and back and forth. She likes to help me push the grocery cart. I hold her on my hip and she leans forward with one hand on the cart handle. She thinks she is helping me push. :) Ellie truly is mu love and I enjoy all of my sweet moments with her.

Here are some of my favorite pics from November...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Fall Y'all

The weather is crisp and we are wearing long sleeves. It must be fall! Our church has a fall festival every year at Dragon Football Stadium in Southlake, TX. It was Ellie's first year to go. She dressed up as a fairy and enjoyed the petting zoo and the water games.

Baby BFF's

......a life size cut out of Gateway's Pastor.....LOL

Just some cute Ellie pics from October

We went to the Fort Worth zoo!!! Ellie loved all the "dogs" he he

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's Been Going on Lately.......

Well.....our sweet 13 month old is growing like a weed! Eating so much! Laughing all the time! Making us laugh at the time! And getting too big too fast!

Ellie's favorite foods are strawberries, chicken nuggets. fig newtons, waffles, green beans, ......and as far as drinks go...she loves juice, warm milk, and capri sun

Her newest words are duck, ball, dog, and frog. Of course she is still going strong with mama, dada, and baby. She is such a sponge, it amazes us everyday. Jon showed her what a frog was and then started saying give me your frog...and she will find it and bring it to you! And as if she wasnt acting big enough already....she is pushing her babies around in her play stroller! Or her stuffed animals or Raider's toys. LOL.

Bottles are a thing of the past. I cant remember if I have blogged about this before....but we took them away about a month ago. She now has her milk out of a straw sippy. The transition was much harder for me that was the anticipation of something horribe that turned out to not be bad at all!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

This year was another great pumpkin patch experience! If you need a great PP to visit, try the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch. I know FM seems far, but its really just up the road! This year Jim, Wendy, & Hayden came too. Ellie was just taking it all in, not her usual chatty smiley self. Thats ok though, we still had fun & even enjoyed Fletcher's Corn Dogs & Funnel Cakes.

Here are some pics from the day. Hayden & Ellie have on Hello Kitty shirts and tutu's made by yours truly!

And last year at this time.......

Such a difference! Happy Fall Yall...and check out the pumpkin patch if you can!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ellie is ONE!!!

Where has one year gone??? Seems like yesterday I became a mommy. To commemorate the birthday, I rocked my little one to sleep on Septmber 5th for old time sake, cried some tears of joy, and reflected on year one of being a mommy. The next day was full of birthday fun. Breakfast with a candle topped pancake, after lunch cake mashing, and dinner with a candle topped Olive Garden breadstick! We had fun even if Ellie had no idea what was going on and why she was getting so much attention. As for her party........

I spent a lot of time, and by a lot of time, I mean like, oh, um, 3 months. I made the decorations with help of some great friends and made her outfit with some help also! Giraffes were the theme since for a few months there, Ellie was OBSESSED with Sophie the giraffe. You remember the facebook posts, I'm sure (especially the one where Sophie #1 was ran over). Anyway, on to birthday fun.......we had her party at the Keller Smithfield Activity Node, a park here in town. It was hot. Heat index 107. But the kiddos didnt care and thats all the mattered. Jana made the cake with painstakingly care. Missy took the pictures for us - probably one of the most thoughtful and gracious gifts ever. Thanks Cody and Sarah!

The pictures speak for themselves!

What a great celebration!

PS - at Ellie's one year pediatrician appointment she weighed 20 pounds 5 ounces and was 30 inches tall. Still long and lean. She is walking and learning new words everyday. Baby is her favorite word and while she used to distinguish between baby and doggie, now everything is "baby." She also says ball and duck (dup) along with her usual daddy and mama. She is growing and changing everyday and is helping me realize how great life is! God has truly blessed us and I am working hard to remember that everyday!

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