Thursday, April 29, 2010

TCU and Texas Tech Spring Games

Every year Jon and I go to the spring games for the two schools I went to. The spring games are like a practice football game that fans can attend. The games are totally rigged but it is still fun. Afterwards, the players usually sign autographs, that Jon proudly displays on his game room wall. If you have ever been to our house, you know what I am talking about.
This year, the TCU game was first. Jon's parents came as well and I spent very little time watching the game and more time paying attention to Ellie. Ellie was really good and enjoyed watching real life players run all over the field, as opposed to on a TV screen. We pulled her stroller down to an open aisle and she just hung out. She even ate her baby food. A big wow since she is usually easily distracted. Unfortunately, she was not sporting a TCU onsie because she has grown out of her only one. We of course, bought her a new one when we were there!

The weekend afterwards, we all made the trek to Lubbock, TX. Jon booked us a room at The Overton Hotel - the latest and greatest thing to hit the other cow town. Usually we stay at some less than par hotel because, well, that's Lubbock, TX for ya. But this year was a treat! We stayed on the 13th floor of a 15 floor hotel and had to scan our room key to even get the elevator to take us up to that floor. (Sarcastic tone here) --- We were hiiigh rollers. We had separate breakfast from floors 1-12 and had a special turn down service where we got cookies and they turned on a sleeping sound machine. LOL. Ok, all sarcasm aside, it was a really nice place and within walking distance to the football stadium. When we rolled into cow town, the weather was very unexpected - cold, windy, rainy. Needless to say, we had to make a trip to Babies R Us and the mall to get proper clothes for Ellie and I. We also bought a rain slicker for Ellie's stroller. We were hoping that would protect her from the elements and she would be able to enjoy the spring game. Wrong. When we got there on Saturday morning, it was soooo windy that I could barely stand it. There was no way that I could safely pull Ellie out of the stroller without her for sure getting sick! Her and I stayed at the spring game for oh, about 15 minutes and then made our way to the car to play there. Jon stayed at the stadium and froze but still enjoyed himself. Ellie and I just hung out in the car, but we didn't mind. I kept us busy by nursing her, playing with her, teaching her how to use her sippy cup, talking on the phone to Wendy, driving Ellie around when she took a nap.....and then Jon was done and we left. He he :) Too bad I didn't get to show Ellie off, because she was the cutest Red Raider I have ever seen! She had a TTU onsie and a cute red and black hat. We ate out, shopped for Tech gear and just had a fun time as a family. It was really great! The only down side was giving Ellie a bath in the small bathroom sink because all they had was a shower, no tub. She did not enjoy. And then I had to do it again at 1130 pm because she threw up in her sleep (random). She enjoyed that sink bath even less. She was like, uh mom why are you putting me in here, I was sleeping?!?!?!? I let her sleep with us the rest of the night and then took a shower with her the next morning. There was something about that fast 1130 pm sink bath that just didn't get all the nasty off. Boy, did she looove a shower. I was afraid she wouldn't like the water hitting her, but nope, she loved it. Of course I had to have Jon's help because she got slippery fast. Anyway, her favorite blankey was ruined by throw up and the hotels laundry service was only M-F. Boo. Jon had to clean the blankey in the shower and then wring it out frequently so that it would dry for her by Saturday night. All this wringing out made the blankey extra long. So now Jon says she can use it until she is 18 :) Anyway, I leave you with some pics from the weekend.

We love her soo much! Our sweet, future Red Raider!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Man, it has been a while

Little Ellie has been keeping me so busy, obviously! It has been over a month since my last post. I am going to try to be better, I promise. Ellie has been dedicated to the Lord, she's turned 6 months, she's had her first Easter, and much more!

Her baby dedication was in the middle of March, at our church home Gateway. It was during the morning service and a lot of her family came to see it. We stood up at the front of the congregation with many other families who were dedicating their little ones to God as well. She was prayed over and loved on by many family members.

Here is Ellies 6 month picture. Every month, I take a picture of her and it has been fun to see her grow. As I am writing this (very late) I am laughing because now her pictures are taken sitting up. I am not quite sure what I am going to do when she is too big to sit in the Boppy.

Ellie's first Easter was great! Except for me scheduling myself to work ALL weekend. Luckily, another nurse agreed to come in early for me on Saturday, so we could still go to church as a family. Ellie had a very sweet pink and white dress and enjoyed her first Easter basket. On my way home from work on that Saturday, I realized I had forgotten to get her a bow that matched the pink of her dress. What a bad mommy. Thankfully, there is a place very close to our house and on the way home that carries bows! I rushed in, matched the pink and made her look adorable. She loved holding onto that lamb stuffed animal (given to her by grandparents in an Easter basket), but quickly Raider mistook it for his doggie toy lamb and her lamb was toast!

This post is getting a little long for me to work with, so I'll close for now and pick up where I left off!