Monday, September 17, 2012

Essential Oils

My new obsession!

Background info - Ellie's lungs were damaged by a virus she had when she was 3 months old. She seems to always have allergies. Her allergies have been so bad to cause pneumonia (from all the drainage that led to infection). Then her allergies caused wheezing. This landed her on levoceterizine, nasonex & Flovent. Mama loves that she is pretty much symptom free but doesn't like the side effects of inhaled steroids. However that's the thing - symptom free. We've controlled the symptoms but done nothing to heal her. I keep praying for my eyes to be open to a breakthrough, God show me your way of healing...either heal her supernaturally or show me a God-given way.

Enter - Young Living Essential Oils

After reading a testimony from a friend who successfully treated strep with oils, I was intrigued. One informational class later & I was in!

I received my starter kit that came with 11 oils. I had already taken Ellie off of her Flovent (holy spirit led) & began using frankincense on her to decrease the inflammation that might be in her airway. She was/is still on her allergy meds. I'm using the oils to help with her seasonal (year round) allergies & will hopefully be able to take her off those meds too. My thoughts, if she's controlled with her allergies, she won't have inflammation & wheezing. All of this was the knowledge I had been praying for. An answered prayer!!!

I now find myself surrounded by people who love the Lord & love oils. YL is a company with Christian foundations. "Our modern world had only begun the discovery of the power of God's healing oils - something that the ancient world knew well. Their time was one without laboratories, manufacturing facilities, high technology & equipment or chemicals. The earth and it's healing gifts were the ancient worlds medicine. Modern medicine is certainly not without it's miracles. Millions of lives have been saved in crisis and malfunctions of the body. But the way to live with strength and vitality without pain and disease lies in what God has created, not why man has altered." I think this is very well stated. I'm a nurse. I see miracles every day with the use of modern medicine. But I still see the credibility of using the things that God has given us; His earth, His plants who can produce healing oils, His way. Bottom line - my approach is to pray. Lord, what would YOU have me do with this? It's day by day for sure. Ellie was on Flovent & then my gut said no more. The Holy Spirit said no more. And then an answer/alternative was provided. Thank you Jesus for your provision in Ellie's life!

To be continued...


  1. i'm so glad you have been listening and seeking God's direction. He is amazing and has great things to show us if we just listen! What a great praise story... for giving you wisdom and healing Ellie. One day you might not even need the oils either!!!

    1. Yes. I believe in Gods healing. How? Who knows, but him. The next post I'm working on is about how my faith is in Him, not in oils. My faith is in Him, not my ability to pray for the right thing. He is holy, he is ever deserving of this praise :)