Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ellie Update!

Hi www world! It's been a while. But here! An Ellie update!!!!

Ellie is 2.5 years old. Where has the time gone?!?! She is getting so big & communicating so well. We at least we know what she's saying most of the time .... spend some time with her, you'll catch on. I think she knows so much & says so much because she hangs out with 4 year old Brenley while mommy is at work - perfect practice for communicating!

These days, her favorite foods are:
Blackberries, pizza, tomatoes, blueberries, pineapple, french fries, & broccoli. How this child chooses broccoli over macaroni some days, amazes me! I say a little thank you prayer ;)

Her favorite things to do are : chase the dogs, feed her babies, take baths, play on her backyard playset, watch movies, sing songs & play dress up. Oh how could I forget?!?!? Turn on a faucet & this child is entertained for a while! This is how mommy takes a shower or cleans up a bit ;) She'll gather toys, a stool & a bib....she's ready! Then every once in a while, I catch her running to get more toys - usually measuring spoons & cups.

The lion king & Cinderella are still regulars in our house.

Ellie's latest adventures - a trip to Houston & a trip to Lubbock. Ellie & I went to Houston for a short week day visit. She enjoyed shopping with Mimi & lots of eating out! She hung out with pops, uncle Dave & lexie too!! We went to Lubbock for the football spring game - an annual trip for the Duran's. It gets more enjoyable as Ellie gets older, she really watches the game, even tells touchdown!!!!! Daddy went to a concert in Austin & Ellie's grandma came to watch her while I was at work. From Ellie's account - they had a lot of fun hanging out.

Hmm what else?...... Pictures. Phone blogging won't put them in order but that's ok, she's cute nonetheless ;)

Coming soon.....Ellie had pneumonia & our Vitamix adventures!!!! Ok, ok pictures......