Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Oh Pinterest, how you inspire me!  I have made more trips to Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree than I care to mention!  I was wondering if all that time I spend pinning is really worth it.....like do I actually follow through on some of the projects?!?!?!...see below....

{My very first Pinterest project - Elmo Pumpkin}

{Ellie's painting around painters tape}

{Painting with marbles}

{Hand print ornament} -- gave these as gifts to grandparents 

{Pinterest FAIL - wooden spoon on boiling pot}

 {Children's chores....just kidding, she did this on her own --- now as for those mold stains in the background, I did clean those by putting bleach soaked cotton balls on then for 24 hours....GONE}

 {Photo arrangement}

 {Pantry organization with shoe organizer}

{Bathing suit from divinemodesty.com}

{Garage sale tips -- sell donuts, price points etc}

{Photo inspiration} 

{Father's Day presents for Jon & my dad}

{Tshirt drawer organization}

{How to print on paper bags --- a work in progress}

{Book recommendation - Praying the Scriptures For Your Children}

{Princess bags -- dollar store bags & tulle}

{Dollar store comforter bags to store kids clothes}

{A million green smoothie recipes}

{Car organization - came in handy twice today!}

{In progress - bow organization with lace and an open frame}

{Number & Letter game on dollar store baking sheets}

{Tinkle treats/potty rewards}

{Stroller Diaper Cake for Wendy's baby shower}
And countless recipes, DIY coffee mugs with Sharpies, scripture memory book for Ellie, bathroom organization with tupperware, nail polish in an old eye shadow container, hand print crafts......

Next up.....glitter Starbucks cup, old rake to hold wine glasses, Ellie's 3rd bday party!!!

Thank you Pinterest for an awesome website & thanks to the original creators for your talent!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dress Up Ellie

Ellie is really into dress-up these days!  Besides hardly ever leaving her room in the morning without being dressed....she always seems to have some crazy concoction of clothes choices going on.  First, it must match!  And she will point out which parts of the top match which parts of the bottom.  She mostly wants to wear skirts, dresses, or LEGGINGS!  Seriously, this child is sooo into leggings.

Brides!  Everything brides!  She loves looking at "married girls" and while we were in Houston visiting my parents, my dad found this wedding dress.  LOVE! She wears it all the time and is consumed with making sure the veil is on right.  My mom got her some play wedding rings and tied ribbon around these flowers to complete the look.  She isnt quite sure who she is going to marry yet. ;)

We are really into dress-up shoes too.  On occasion these have made the trip to Target and Kroger.  Ha!